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«I am a staunch believer that nature knows best. We cannot possess her, but we can borrow and learn from the best. Borrowing from nature means that we take something and must ultimately give it back, unharmed.»

The circular economy is the be-all-and-end-all of my efforts as an entrepreneur. With the impact brand no excuses LANUR I present to you the worldwide first line of beauty products that have been formulated entirely in line with the strict guidelines of Cradle to Cradle Certified®Gold.

no excuses LANUR embodies everything I believe in. Seeking new ways and letting go of what does not work. But let us bear in mind that any new solution must inherently be more valuable and make more sense than the previous one. It must quite simply be a radical improvement that makes no excuses and no compromise. 

​Nature is my number one topic, and everything in it. Nature is my source of life – after all, I am the result of a natural process – a being in and from nature, and this is where I go back to when my life ends. I emphatically believe in promoting the value and importance of our natural surroundings, to awaken others to the enormous potential of sustainable growth. To raise awareness for how we human beings are rooted in nature, and what perspectives there are for a reset and a new definition of our existence in the space we share on this planet. 

Stimulation and observation are crucial topics in my life. I love to take a bird’s eye view and observe this world and everything in it. My quality of life hinges on this perspective and my ability to create impulses to empower people to reflect on the Status Quo in order to seek new ways. Moving others takes courage, I have plenty of it. 

This knowledge of what deserves our focus and dedication and what not, is the result of a deeply personal process that roots in trial and error. In my opinion, only this active approach opens up new paths and new perspectives. 

It is a deeply personal experience, that we all chose to make or not. Society, on the other hand, relies on individuals as the key to transformation. Every change of direction is the result of a transformation deep within each one of us. Yet, for any change to break ground, others will have to be convinced of its value and support it as well.

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